Our client, an international NGO, having mandate in the field of reproductive health requires the following two leadership positions to launch an aggressive campaign of empowering the communities.

Director Technical Services

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure department outputs are being met  as per log-frame indicators
  2. Provide strategic technical support, direction to each department
  3. Supervise and manage overall activities & progress and recommend improvements in department.
  4. Approve and manage work plans, targets, & budgets
  5. Ensure timely reporting on agreed formats to management, MSI, & donors
  6. Liaise effectively with the Operations Directors to ensure technical inputs benefit operations (help achieve targets)
  7. Review and at times develop contracts TOR, agreements and deliverables as per requirements.
  8. Annual performance review of each department head & teams biannually and annually.
  9. Contribute to overall organization strategic planning activities

10.  Liaison with MSI & other partners such as Green Start, Willows, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Population Welfare Department, NGOs and other professional organizations.

11.  Working with MSI globally in key strategic ways.

12.  Supervise, analyze and recommend all departments’ financial transactions spending analysis related to budget activities

M & E:

  1. Provide strategic and operational direction and support to M&E Teams
  2. Lead the knowledge Management Strategic role in the M&E Department and support recruitment of key positions by giving inputs in skills required and job framework.
  3. Ensure the M&E Team develops a broad research strategic plan (3 years) with budgets as per need of various functions and availability of funds.
  4. Support the M&E Head in implementation of Research, M&E work & support operations in planning designing and implementation.
  5. Ensure the research team effectively liaises with IT to ensure the existing MIS produce required data.
  6. Ensure the research team works in close collaboration with Operations in  identifying low cost high return opportunities and developing pricing strategies
  7. Facilitate organization of capacity building workshops by the research team
  8. Ensure the teams understand, develop and use MIS for effective management decisions and collect relevant market & social data.
  9. Ensure research activities are in line with the agreed MSS Logframe (i.e. support center based services, outreach services, social franchising behaviour change communication and social marketing and provide technical assistance)

Communication & Marketing

  1. To help articulate a vision, conceptual framework, and strategy for behavior change communication and demand generation.
  2. Ensure the teams develops a broad strategic plans (3years) for marketing, demand generation  , behaviour change communication and advocacy along with detailed work plan & budgets on annual basis.
  3. Provide technical support in content development and operationalizing the online services
  4. Ensure that marketing strategies are tailored to the needs of project initiatives.
  5. Ensure Marketing Expert outputs are clearly defined & manage his/her performance indicators, review, advise & recommend on renewal of contract, overall supervise his/her performance as per contract.
  6. Act as the final MSS reviewing and approving authority for the donor reports produced by the Communications department.
  7. Work closely with the GM Communications to develop a targeted advocacy and dissemination strategy/plan.
  8. Ensure the objectives of Improved Communication Initiative are achieved during the next  one year

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:


  • Masters in Business, Social Sciences, Epidemiology, Demography, Behaviour Change Communication or Medicine. Public Health/ Health Systems/ Reproductive Health or a related discipline.
  • Fluent both in written and spoken English is essential.


  • At least 10 – 15 years of experience in the above mentioned disciplines. Some international experience is highly desirable. At least 5 years of experience in leadership role.
  • Significant experience of collaborating and liaising with key stakeholders both nationally and internationally


  • Proven technical skills in at least three of the following areas: Research, Demand Generation, Behavior change communication, Social Mobilization/ output base aid, quality assurance, and Social Franchising.
  • Coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills.
  • Communicate and interact with all stakeholders at all levels.

Salary Range: Rs. 150,000–Rs. 250,000 per month

Strategic Planner

Key Responsibilities:

In the coordination with PD;

–          Prepare, review annual work plans and targets.

–          Follow-up on all action plans and work plans of departments.

–          Consolidate all progress reports, analyze and recommend improvement.

–          Preparation of presentations, speeches and recording minutes and consolidating for distribution.

–          Attending or representing meeting, conferences, seminars, govt officials meetings, donors, consolidating minutes and distribution accordingly.

–          Field monitoring visits as & when required record recommendations as disseminate.

–          Contribute in Risk Management strategies, disseminate as required.

–          Develop new strategies for development of SF and RHPP with consultants and MSI.

–          Assist in the National Expansion Project in development of new teams and trainings.

–          Assist in development of coordination with new partners.

–          Any other duty in improving strategic development of the organization and coordination among teams departments, partners & MSI.

–          Assist, review, recommend in development and implementation of National Marketing Plans.

–          Facilitate in research initiatives for dissemination of outcomes.

–          Develop linkages with stakeholders.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

Qualification: MBA, MBBS or equivalent degree

Experience: 3-5 years experience in the same capacity

Skills:               Coordination, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Inter                                                                  Personal Communication

Salary Range: Rs. 150,000–Rs. 200,000 per month

Important Note:  Only the pro-choice people should apply.

Kindly send you detailed CV with comprehensive cover letter detailing the compelling reasons as to why you are the best candidate for the above-mentioned positions.

CVs to be emailed at ashraf@ashrafchaudhry.com.

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