Of 30 lessons from Quran, first lesson on recruitment principle was derived from story of Prophet Shoaib (A.S). Hazrat Shoaib was sent to people of Madyan. This nation was notorious for cheating people with weights and measurements. They did not deliver goods as per the commitment and deprived people of their due rights.

Prophet warned the nation of dire consequences from Allah but the eminent people paid no heed to the advice and defied the instructions. According to Quran, people of Madyan were punished with earthquake (they were buried dead) and they were losers (7/91-92).

There is a great lesson for business organizations and employees. Deliver what you promise. Organizations that will not deliver their goods/services as per the commitment, will become history. Customer services is the prime and fundamental duty of organizations. The consistent violators of customer service are replaced with other service providers.

Employees who consistently under-deliver are also losers. They are replaced with honest and competent people.

How Organizations Under-deliver?

  1. Tampering with contents of products
  2. Providing less quantity (one minute call is like 58 second call)
  3. Poor customer service
  4. Not promoting employees and depriving them of bonuses/emoluments/increments
  5. Not declaring dividends to share-holders
  6. Evasion of taxes
  7. Not paying salaries on time

How Employees Under-deliver

  1. Coming to office late
  2. Leaving office early
  3. Miscommitments

Such organizations will loser customers and will wind up and such employees will lose jobs and professional reputation.

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